AudioGene Analysis v9.1 - Single Audiogram Classification

AudioGene 9, developed in 2021 but released for use in 2022, is based on the idea of an ensemble of multiple machine learning algorithms that offer multiple predictions, which when taken together (a process similar to voting) result in a single genotype prediction (but reported on this website as the “top 3” predictions). As a single-instance classifier, Audiogene 9.1 makes predictions based on individual audiograms. As one consequence of this approach, the set of predictions made for all available audiograms (for one patient and/or a family of patients) may be more than 3 predicted genes. This raises the possibility for the patient, physician, or genetic counselor to incorporate knowledge of this set of predictions in the most appropriate way when attempting to arrive at a genetic diagnosis.

Upload Audiogram
File type: Please download the template below and fill in your data. Please be sure to save the file as a 2003 Excel spreadsheet with the xls extension, and not as a 2008 Excel file format with the xlsx extension. The patient data goes on the first sheet and the audiograms for the patients are placed on the second sheet.